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Philipp Schreiber, Cologne, Germany, Europe, Earth

Seasoned (14 years industry, 42 years age) software developer with strong product development and lead skills. Background in ecommerce, b2b and b2c service implementation and operation. Broad stack of technology. Pragmatic approach. Thorough experience in hands-on web-development. Mostly CRUD applications of various sorts and sizes. Meddling in product management a lot, mostly advisory, sometimes annoyingly so. Also thorough experience in keeping shit from fellow devs, getting them appreciation and giving them space to tackle challenges, gather new experiences, making the most of their abilities (otherwise known as management or leadership). Totally comfortable not to be the smartest or most knowledgable in any given room of devs, quite on the contrary.
Since 2015 my priority #1 is my daughter.

Let’s talk:

Professional Experience:

Head of Software Development

Justix GmbH
Nov. 2019–today
Köln, Germany

Idea, concept, strategy, realization, people… the whole deal. Still coding. Key aspect at justix is probing legal tech market with greenfield products. Strategy is to establish platform fundamentals to allow quick go to market. Weapons of choice are lightweight backends written in PHP, symfony and API-platform around which several logic heavy frontends in react.js and vuejs create various experiences like B2B2C legal document assembly tools or the swiss army knife of access to justice at HelloLaw.

I’ve established the 6 people (including me) dev department plus one DevOps person, which I split up into two teams for our two separate product areas.

Not only am I the responsible person for bringing envisaged services online timely, I am also much involved in conceptualizing new ideas and turning them into product objectives. On the other hand I also practice saying “No” a lot in order to keep focus as much as possible and only do things that add value.

Senior Software Developer/ Interim Domain Lead
Sept. 2017–Oct. 2019 · 2 Jahre 2 Monate
Köln, Germany

Building (planning, designing software architecture, staffing, testing, implementing) customer service tech components. Ranging from customer and agent facing case management software over searchable knowledge bases, tracking solutions to customer account tools. PHP, vuejs, graphql and MySql are prevalent, but there is also MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Go, Docker, K8s, Elastic, Kafka and a lot of other stuff in the mix. Running up to 14 people cross functional team. Powering customer as well as backoffice facing services for one of Europe’s largest ecommerce platforms real

Senior Software Engineer

July 2017–Sept. 2017
Köln, Germany
DHL digital freight platform startup. As first saloodo inhouse developer responsible for kicking off the transition from an incubated software to being maintained inhouse. As short-lived as this excursion was, it still yielded my first professional experience in react.js as well as solidifying symfony skills.

Senior Web Engineer

Koelnmesse GmbH
Mar. 2017–June 2017
Köln, Germany
Technical project and product management. Mostly managing external service providers. Bootstrapping an unified authentication system, IAM, SSO.

Senior Web-Developer

Denkfabrik Groupcom GmbH
Feb. 2013–Feb. 2017
Hürth, Germany

Full service agency. Mostly long running B2B websites and software projects. Very universalist approach and mostly one-man-show projects involving full customer facing responsibilty. Most memorably single handedly created an unity3d AR application in C#. Another interesting project was the backend to a weather app pulling all data nationwide and pushing out weather alerts to all subscribers. A lot of TYPO3 websites. At that point I also still created designs in photoshop.


IQ Professionals Institute GmbH Feb. 2011–Feb. 2013 Hürth, Germany

denkfabrik spin off start up. Full responsibility for product and technical development of a recruitment platform around early stage remote candidate qualification.


Denkfabrik Groupcom GmbH
Jan. 2010–Jan. 2011
Hürth, Germany

Full service agency. Mostly long running B2B websites and software projects. Mostly TYPO3 websites. LAMP, jQuery, js.

Trainee Web-Development

Denkfabrik Groupcom GmbH
Jan. 2008–Dez. 2009
Hürth, Germany

Acquring the fundamentals of web-development in the age of IE5, mostly on LAMP stack, HTML, CSS, some JS. TYPO3 with configuration language typoscript. On the job training. A lot of learning by doing.


ARMEDANGELS/Social Fashion Company
July 2007-Dez 2007
Köln, Germany

Early stage fair fashion startup. I ran the blog and connected to the bloggosphere, which was still en vogue at the time. Also involved in everything operationally, meaning taking orders, packaging them, sending them out, processing returns…


Governmental Teacher Trainee

Feb 2007-June 2007
Langenfeld, Germany

Teaching English and German in the German university-qualifying highschool track (Gymnasium). The logical step after graduating from University with the “1. Staatsexamen für die Lehrämter Sekundarstufe II und I”. High school teaching just wasn’t for me. So I pivoted as early as possible.

1. Staatsexamen für die Lehrämter Sekundarstufe II und I, Germanistik, Anglistik, Erziehungswissenschaften (M.Ed.)

Universität zu Köln
Köln, Germany

Full academic degree in German and English and educational sciences as minor. Equivalent to Master of Education. Governmental teaching track, which results in a state exam. So, yes, my completed formal education is in the humanities.

I did take a few CS courses at Feruniversität Hagen from 2013 to 2015 for a Master in applied cs, but did not continue after the birth of my daughter.